Let us help you with your payroll function


What we do

SAlaries and Wages takes care of your employees. What we do is take care of you by taking care of your salary function from beginning to end.

Adding Value

Any salary run is stressful for any business – will there be enough money to pay everyone? Will I get money this month? EMP201 – what is that? Will the money paid to SARS be correct? EMP501 – huh? We have it covered – you look after your employees and we will coordinate the payment process correctly and efficiently.

What does this mean to you?

You are stress free when it comes to the salary payment date, your employees are happy because they are paid on time and have received the correct amounts. You and SARS are happy because your EMP201 is accurately calculated and submitted on time EVERY time. This makes the EMP501 even easier.

What services do we provide?

The services include by not limited to, the following:

Salary and Wages processing – weekly, bi-weekly and monthly,

EMP201 submissions,

EMP501 Submissions – IRP5’s for employees,

Leave tracking (according to company policy),

Payslip generation (sent directly to employee, can be password protected),

Monthly reports sent to management to track breakdown of salary and wage expense,

Submission of UIF details to labour department monthly,

Advice on salary structures for directors and staff.


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