Terms and Conditions of Services Tendered.

1. Terms and conditions

1.1 The terms and conditions set out below are accepted by any client once services have been agreed upon by BC Accounting Services (Pty) Ltd (hereafter BCAS) and the client.
1.2 These are subject to change without notice.
1.3 The terms and conditions will be available on the BCAS website and will be updated from time to time.
1.4 These terms and conditions are considered read by the client without confirmation of such.

2. Payment

2.1 Payment of all invoices is due within 5 working days of date of invoice.
2.2 All invoices are payable in advance.
2.3Excluded from 1.1 above are ‘once off’ invoices.

2.3.1 These invoices are not excluded from 1.2 above.
2.3.2 A deposit of 60% is due on acceptance within 5 working days (as per 1.1) for any work to be started.

2.4 Payment is due as per 2.1 above. If this payment is not received by BCAS (at least proof of payment) by the 5th working day, a penalty of 10% may be levied and thereafter monthly interest will be levied at 2% per month or part thereof.

2.4.1 As there may be a delay of money reflecting from a different bank to which BCAS use (currently First National Bank or FNB), a proof of payment will suffice within the 5 working days. This will avoid the 10% penalty.
2.4.2 Payment is considered complete when it reflects in the BCAS bank account.

2.5 Payment is only accepted in South African Rands.

2.5.1 This may be cash or by EFT. No cheques will be accepted
2.5.2No other payment will be accepted unless approved by the directors of BCAS before any work is performed. If this payment is approved, the client will be liable for 10% bank charges fee to be added to the invoice total. Please consult with the directors regarding Cryptocurrency and payment through that channel. Although this is still unregulated, it can be a method of payment is declared accurately by both parties.

3. Scope of work

3.1 All services to be performed by BCAS will be contained in a Letter of appointment sent to the client.
3.2 The letter in 2.1 will be signed by BCAS and sent to client.
3.3 The client is required to sign to sign this document and return it to BCAS either in hard copy or digital copy (email)
3.4 Should the client not sign and return this letter, it will be taken that it has been accepted without prejudice.
3.5 Any work performed in addition to the scope contains in the letter with be charged at either an hourly rate or at a predetermined fee.

4. Fees

4.1 All fees are determined by BCAS.
4.2 These are set before any work is accepted by BCAS and the client
4.3 Fee increase.

4.3.1 There will be an annual fee increase (historically this has been 9%)
4.3.2 This increase will be levied in January each year.
4.3.3 The increase percentage will be determined by BCAS.
4.3.4 A letter notifying the client about the amount and date of increase will be sent to the client 1 month in advance.
4.3.5 This fee increase is non-negotiable

5. Responsibility

5.1 BCAS can only perform the agreed upon services with the information given to BCAS by the client.
5.2 The accuracy of this information is the client’s responsibility.
5.3 BCAS will perform certain task to ensure the accuracy of the information

5.3.1 Any delay in the services performed will not result in non-payment of fees
5.3.2 BCAS will not continue work until these requirements are met.
5.3.3 BCAS will not be held responsible for any delays due the above (4.2)

5.4 BCAS will not be held responsible for any fines, penalties or interest levied due to any submissions to authorities.

5.4.1 This includes but not limited to the South African Revenue Services (SARS) and professional bodies

6. Law of the land

6.1 BCAS will perform all services by abiding to the law of the land.
6.2 BCAS operates in South Africa but if necessary it may extend this border into other countries. In this case, the law of both countries will provide guidance as to how BCAS will act.
6.3 No services will be performed if it in contravention of these laws.
6.4 Services to be ceased if:

6.4.1 BCAS is required to contravene any law of the land
6.4.2 Following certain criteria, BCAS will report such activities to the relevant authorities.